What is Chandrasthama? What Not to do on these days

The Moon is the fastest moving planet from one zodiac sign to another. If such a moon is in the 8th place of a zodiac, it is called Chandrasthama.

According to human anatomy, the moon represents the blood that flows through our body. The blood heats up due to the tension that arises on lunar days. Tension is high. People with hemorrhoids should be very careful on lunar days. It is for such reasons that lunar days are excluded from such amenities as marriage and planetarium.

Physicians and patients undergoing similarly important surgeries will avoid their lunar days. The doctor may make a mistake because of the anxiety he feels that day. The reason for avoiding these days is that the patient may end up with a surgical failure due to a variation in blood pressure.

It is true that lunar days cause tension, for which one can be paralyzed without doing any work or going outside on those days; Can a man who is fighting for his life after an accident and the doctor who is about to be treated be left without treatment that it is the lunar day; If there is no remedy for this then of course there is a remedy. You can start the work by drinking lunar liquid milk.

One of the aspects that many people notice when looking at the horoscope in astrology is Chandrasthama. If Chandrasthama, be careful of anything for the day. They will tell you not to get involved in new endeavors. The reason for that is the lord moon to one’s mind. When he has passed away in the eighth house of a zodiac, there may be unnecessary disturbances in the mind. The mind may become restless. Unable to make clear decisions. That is why most people decide not to engage in any new endeavors on lunar days and to focus only on routine tasks. In fact, it is not clear whether Chandrashtam is harmful to everyone

Chandrashtam means a kind of fear in everyone’s mind today. But there is no need to be afraid. Chandrashtam does not bother all the stars. And for those born in Taurus and Aquarius, Chandrastha will only do good, ”he said. He goes on to describe what Chandrasthama is and the remedies for it …
Chandrashtam is the time during which the Moon can move from one zodiac sign to the eighth zodiac sign. To be more precise, when the moon orbits at the foot of the seventeenth star to a star, it is the moon for that star.
For example, when the Moon travels in Scorpio, that zodiac sign becomes the eighth zodiac sign for Aries. So the only two quarter days that the Moon can be in Scorpio are lunar days for Aries. However, not all people born in Mesarasi can say that two and a half days is Chandrasthama.

One more thing to mention about the moon. Chandran Mathrukaragan. Therefore, on the day of Chandrastha, one may have disagreements with the mother and vain remorse with the maternal relatives.
Astrologically we usually have to take the moon into account when looking at the benefit for a day.

That is why we decide to put the kosara moon in the position of the natal moon. Lunar day does not harm those born in Cancer and Pisces. Because Katakam is the zodiac sign of the Moon and Taurus is the zodiac sign of the Moon, the Moon will benefit those born in those zodiac signs.

To be precise, there are two stars in Masharasi, the first foot of the aphid, Parani and Krithika. Similarly, Scorpio has the stars Visakha 4th Foot, Anusham and Kettai. For those born under the star Aquarius, the lunar day is when the Moon travels in the star Anusha in Scorpio. For those born under the Aries zodiac sign Parani, the day on which the Moon travels in the same Scorpio zodiac star Kettai is the lunar day. For those born in the first foot of the Aries zodiac sign Krittikai, the Moon is in the 4th foot of the Scorpio zodiac when the Kettai star travels in the 4th foot. For those born on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th feet of the moon, the lunar day is when the moon travels through the star Sagittarius.

Similarly for those born under its stars Rohini – Astham – Thiruvonam stars only good will happen on Chandrasthama day. Those born with wax will benefit on the lunar day. So it should not be said that Chandrasthama will affect everyone.