Time Management

Every human being should manage TIME which is most precious commodity in the Universe and Almighty has blessed us with only with 24 Hours per day. The recommended time allotment should be as follows:

  1. One hour for Health, Yoga, Pranayam (Swamy Ramdevji’s Yog Available on “Ashtha” Channel of TV)
  2. One hour Qualitative time with your family
  3. One hour for Spiritual Growth through Swadhyay & Meditation
  4. One hour for improving your Personal Skills
  5. 6/8 hours for Sleep
  6. 8/10 hours for Work to earn Livelihood
  7. 2/4 hours of balance time should be utilised as per personal ambition.

The question to ask yourself is, what is really important to make your day purposeful and useful to you, you must prioritize being flexible over rigidity most of the time.