Review : Online Bank Account Opening – Based on Real Experiences

Do you want to Open Bank Account From Home?  Here is which one will work best:

  • India Post Payments Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank

Today, Every Bank Offers Online Account Opening. But how realistic it is working is the Question.

If some is having Aadhar Card and PAN card, India Post Payments Bank Opens account Immediately and Operable Immediately. You may receive funds to your Account Immediately. But it has may restricted options and you may not be able to access to other Investment, Pension Options, etc.

In case of ICICI, The Product name is INSTA SAVE ACCOUNT. They do say open in 4 mins. But in realistic, it is different. The account gets opened in minutes time as they said, including the Video KYC. But the account was kept to FROZEN state for days together, even though the Video KYC is successful with PAN and Aadhar card. They do send the Debit Card and Cheque Book to your home, even the account is still in Frozen from day one. At this stage the account holder will not be able to receive and send any money. When multiple attempts with customer care (after long attempts to reach), they have advised to go to the nearest branch to active since complete frozen. Since covid time, we said that we will not be able to go to the branch, and that is why we were trying to open INSTA SAVINGS account and we thought it will be usable in miniutes time. But the customer care says only one answer: Please visit the nearest branch and complete the KYC.
Actually the applicant received the welcome email and account activated and KYC completed details. After couple of days, the applicant received the Cheque book and debit card too. Still at this point of time, the account is frozen. Now the applicant again approached the customer care, and said about receipt of activation email, debit card, cheque book and requested Activate the Frozen Account for usable one. But this time also the customer care advised to visit the nearest branch and complete the formalities. But the applicant disappointed and requested to Close the Account and Written email to the customer care too. This time the applicant received reply from customer care stating to surrender the debit card and cheque book to the nearest branch.

Now the applicant visited the nearest branch and try to activate the account by conveying all the happened stories. But in the branch they said, the executive who has “Tab” to get your KYC is on Leave due to COVID and requested to visit after few days.

When the applicant asked about any near branch to help on this, but it is conveyed that nearest branches also don’t have the facility at present due to covid situation. Hence the applicant surrendered the cheque book, debit card to the branch and gets the acknowledgment for the closure of the account. This is one thing happened after long arguments at the branch.

Now the Applicant left the ICICI branch and went to nearest Axis Bank Branch.

There it has been conveyed that you need to provide a cheque leaf to open SB account. Since the applicant is not having bank account, and trying open the bank account, it is conveyed that you may open joint account with your husband cheque leaf and that too will take few days time, since clearance of the cheque. Now the executive suggested another ways that you may try open account online your self and guided.

It was really wonderful. The account got opened in minutes time and fully operatable from day 1 and applicant also applied for Atal Pension Yojan on the day 1 itself.
The entire account opening process is fully digitalized and very nice security systems to the satisfactory.

Hence based on the applicant’s experience, it is suggested to go with AXIS Bank Easy Access Digital Saving account, it is very nice and very user friendly, the Mobile App too is very nice. Moreover the Executive at the Axis Branch, even though he is not having system to open the account in the branch immediately, guidance and support was wonderful.