FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021 – Free Training – 5th May is the Last date for application

The FOSSEE Summer Fellowship is a unique and ambitious scheme initiated by the  FOSSEE project, carried out at IIT Bombay. FOSSEE Summer Fellowship started in the year 2018 and now continues to happen every year for a period of 6–8 weeks, during the summer.


The Ministry of Central Education has launched a free training program to teach modern software-based subjects.

Those who want to get this training can apply online till May 5.

New software is being developed day by day in the field of information technology.

Computer language is required to create it.


Accordingly, the Federal Ministry of Education has launched a new program called Fossee to provide modern computer language communication cup training.

Under this program, DWSIM, eSIM, Python, Scilab, Ost ag, OpenFOAM, OpenModelica, OpenPLC, SPHS , IIT Mumbai offers 8-week training in state-of-the-art computer language and technology courses including R, QGLS, Focal.


Higher education students from all walks of life, including undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, can apply for this training until May 5.


Further details can be found at