Chitra Pournami (Belarnami) – Worship Chitragupta who gives wealth and life development

Om Nama Shivaya

Whiteness comes every month. But Chitra whiteness has a specialty that no other whiteness has. Although the full moon shines beautifully in the full moon every month, the spots on it are very thin.

But on Chitra Belarnami  (Pournami) the moon showers its rays completely. That is why Chitra Belarnami (Pournami) is considered to be special as it gives the scene without the slightest stain. It is also the first full moon day in the Tamil New Year.

The arrival of Chittirai announces the arrival of spring. Winter is over and the young sun is shining brightly. Mam flowers bloom and spread fragrance everywhere and neem flowers are in bloom. It is a combination of sweetness and bitterness in life. Is to explain the philosophy of.

That is why our ancestors used to cook delicious food on the first date of Chittirai. Cooked as jaggery for sweetness, mango or tamarind for sourness, neem for bitterness, banana flower for astringency, or gooseberry as salt for burning.

This diet, as our forefathers said, is hailed by many in the rest of the world as a balanced diet. Neem and gooseberry can protect us from the heat of summer. Pepper expels toxins from the body and that is why they specialize in savory food and tell us to do it on that day.


The month of Chittirai is celebrated as Pavurnami, the auspicious day of Chittira Gupta. It was his incarnation day. Chithra Gupta has been very good at writing the most accurate accounts of human sins.


Once upon a time all the diktats went to the temple and worshiped Aesan and Umayyad. Everyone’s face was flushed with joy. But only Yemen’s face was slightly rounded. Mathur Bhagan asked the reason.

Lord there are so many people on earth. But Nano One could not cope with all the birth and death accounts and their sinful accounts. Callen pleaded that my burden would be lessened if I could find a trusted assistant to accompany me and carefully guard the accounts.

Lord Shiva, your request is justified and you will get that helper when the time comes! Yemen went to his world. Lord Brahma was confused. Because Eason left the responsibility of creating the assistant to him.

Thought Brahma. He concluded that only the sun could get such a person. Lord Brahma created desire in the mind of the sun. So he had love in his mind. The sun lord transformed the rainbow into a beautiful woman, named Neeladevi, and married her. Chithragupta is the child who was born to them on Chithira Belarnami with a pen and a pen on the right.

According to another legend, Parvati, Lord Shiva, gave life to a beautiful gold plate in the temple. Chithra was called Gupta because he appeared from Chitra. Also called Chithra Puthiran.

That Camden was boiled in the stomach, so that cow’s milk and green curd should not be anointed and healed. Some people say that buffalo milk should be used for anointing and healing.


Chithra Gupta was educated by Surya Bhagavan when he came of age. He excelled in education, mathematics and grammar. He repented towards Aesan according to his father’s idea. Lord Shiva appeared to Messi in person for his meditation and blessed that now everything you thought would happen.

Chitragupta went into the creative business to test it out. Anxious, Brahma called the sun and said poison. Immediately the sun called out to his son. Son! The creative industry has already been established by Maheswaran as belonging to Brahman. So you should not interfere in it.

You were born to be an aide to Yemen and to take care of people’s sinful accounts. So you go there and take the accounts of lives to Yemen! He will punish accordingly. Blessed to say that. He also gave me a book on writing endless accounts.

Chithra Gupta went to Yama Lokam and told the details. Yamadharma Rajan immediately admitted that he had found his trusted assistant. He also thanked the Lord.

From that day to this, he has been discovering the hidden thoughts in the minds of the people and the good and bad deeds they do with the help of spies called scouts. The name Chitra Gupta is derived from the fact that everything is kept very, very secret. Gupta means keeper of secrets.

He sits on his right leg, folds his middle leg and is in a comfortable position. His wives are Neelavathi, daughter of Mayan daughter Prabhavathi Manu, who has a pen in her right hand and a pen in her hand, and Karniki, daughter of Visva Karma. Akkira Santhani is the name of his account book.


Chithra Puthira Nayyar fasting was one of the most popular in ancient Tamil Nadu.

 After fasting on that day, they would go to the temple and sit there alone or alone and read his story. Doing so will diminish the effect of sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. Health will be stable. May be blessed. It is a myth that wealth flourishes in life.

This fast has a myth.

A long time ago, a young woman named Kalavati lived in a town called Muktipuri. One day she went with her friend to see the beauty of the forest. There was a small temple in the middle of the forest. There were some goddess virgins performing puja. One of them was reading the story of Chitragupta Nayyar. Surprised and surprised, Kalavati waited outside. Devakanniyar came after the puja. One of them looked at Kalavati and she came closer.

Goddess! What were you all doing? Whom did you virgins worship? She asked politely. For that akkanni, girl! Today is Chithra Pavurnami. Today is the day of Chitra Kuptan and those who read his incarnation story and worship from fasting will prosper in life; Get the rare life of being a good husband, good kid. She said that if men do this, they will be successful in their endeavors and have a pleasant home.

Immediately, Kalavati prayed that she would teach us the method of worship. The goddess did the same. It was the first Kalavati Chithra Puthira Nayyar to observe the fast.

As a result she became the wife of King Weerasena of Agamapuri. Chithra Gupta Nayyar Kalavati spread the fast all over the country thinking that it was because she observed the fast that she got rich and glorious life.

Today is Chithra Belarnami (Pournami). One can place pens, paper, etc. in front of the image of Chitragupta and worship it with flowers. Drinks, water, whey, etc. can be made and consumed as a remedy


There are many temples dedicated to him in South India, especially in Kanchipuram. Thiruvannamalai Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple has a separate shrine to Chitragupta near the shrine of the Navagrahas.

A scene of Chitragupta, Yemen, worshiping Lord Kadambur with Lord Brahma takes place at Kadambur.

A temple named after him as Chitraputhira Nayanar has been set up at Kodangipatti in Theni district.


It is believed that Chitra Puthira Nayana was the one who wrote and maintained all the accounts of all living beings in the world from birth to death. It is also said that after one’s death, one’s account will be used to place oneself in heaven or hell.

Also, on every Chitra Pournami, our sinful and pious accounts are written by Chitragupta. Therefore, if one worships Chitragupta on Chitra Pournami from fasting, good results will be obtained.


The good idea that people should stop sinning and engage in good deeds prevails. So let’s live with good intentions and reap the benefits.