A to Z of Management

Anticipate tomorrow’s problems and opportunities today and act.
Appreciate even the smallest contribution by any level of employees to immediately motivate
Authorise customer/people contact persons to take-over the spot decisions and support,

Build on your core competence and strength.
Benchmark your performance with the best in your own industry and others for Excellence. Backorder is an index of inefficiency and opportunities for competitors to grab and grow.

Compromise not on quality under any circumstances.
Care for concern, for customer, customer orientation.
Consistent, constant communication both with internal-external, present-past and potential customers, suppliers, financiers and government.
Commit yourself & your people to the task wholeheartedly.

Delay a situation to be totally cubed and avoided.
Delegate the authority to persons willing to take.
Discipline in everything is a must.

Emphasize with everybody to find out effective solution to any problem.
Empower people to perform.
Educate everyone with what is happening, what should happen, what could happen and what would happen, so that they understand and extend co-operation.
Enjoy your work.

Financial discipline, follow-up of decisions taken and implemented, should be the focus. Focusing on a specific area for improvement brings results.
Failure to keep up the promise leads to frustration and disaster.
Flexible policies to satisfy the customer is desirable.

Greatness lie in being humble – avoid ego.
Goodwill is an invaluable asset – earn it.
Give and take is an excellent shared value – practice it.
Goal setting is important but achieving the goal set is more important.

Hate not people, do hate their bad actions.
Honesty is the best policy. By honest in everything you do and everything you communicate.
Holistic view approach brings best integration.

Innovation is the key to success-encourage.
Intimacy with the customer is the order of the day.
Information is the basis for decisions-update.

Just-in-time inventory to be widely practised and cost control technique at all stages to be introduced.

Know your strength, weakness, opportunities & threats and act.
Knowledge is power – Be knowledgeable and encourage presence of knowledge.

Listening effectively to what others say is fundamental.
Labour is a factor of production. Protect them for productivity.
Lean management is yet another cost effective decision oriented system – employ it.
Look outward towards market for customer satisfaction rather than inward towards products and procedure.

Motivated self and co-workers is an asset; encourage everyone to realise and act accordingly to what motivates them to perform best.
Men, Machine, Material and Money management must make market expectation and satisfaction by proper integration and response.

Never say “impossible” because nothing is impossible, it may be difficult; make it I’m possible.
Never argue – you may win the argument but lose the customer.

Opportunity always exists, you have to grab it.
Overheads must be brought under control for maximising profit. Profits are good.

Profiteering is bad.
Productivity is a function of knowledge, skill, attitude and motivation. Improve them everyday.

Quality does not cost but not building quality more.
Quality is not what you decide, but determined by customer; so understand customer quality needs and standards.
Question what you now do can be done better.

Recession is an opportunity time for review and reform for effective resource mobilization in boom period.
Report exceptions rather than routine.
Review, research, redesign, resource utilisation and performance results regularly to measure profit.

Under promise and over delivery is the best strategy.
Unbaked, uncooked, undecided, undependable – unethical are liabilities.
Undeferred, unperturbed, unstuck personnel are assets.
Unhygienic, unmotivated, unreliable, unsatisfied, unsuited, untactful personnel are unwanted.

Value based management imbibing in every decisions/actions, what customer wants, will add value to organisation.

Work is worship.
Workplace must be clean and hygienic.
Work culture must be serene.
What, when, where, why, how, how much are the six servants at your disposal.

X – Under any circumstances, for any reason the people should not mark your company like this.

Yield not to the temptation of corrupt practices.
Yesman are dangerous to be surrounded with.

Zero sum technique consists of zero loss.
Zero breakdown, zero down, zero accident should be the main goals of TPM.