4th COVID Wave in Japan? Deaths at Home Surge.. .. People Angry..!

The 2nd wave of corona is said to be the worst in India while the 4th wave of corona is said to be the worst in Japan which is the 3rd largest economy in the world. The medical field as a whole is in a state of stagnation as the corona infection is out of control as many consecutive deaths at home.

Japan, which carried the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, is now reeling under the 4th wave of the Corona.

4th Corona wave in Japan:

With the Olympics set to take place in Japan in the next 10 weeks, people are angry with the Japanese government for not providing proper immunizations and treating infected people properly.

Victims of corona:

Yasutoshi Kido, a professor at Osaka City Medical University, said there were currently no beds in Japan for the treatment of overcrowded patients in the hospital, which is a major problem in Japan.

18 Corona patients die:
As a result, many patients who are at home with corona infection die consecutively. Since March 1, 18 corona patients have died at home in the Osaka Prefecture area. Of these, 17 are highly infectious strains.

Medical structure of Japan:
Japan’s medical system is unable to admit new patients to the hospital because the intensive care unit beds are all full.

Cancer, heart patients:
Cancer patients and heart patients in the hospital have been sent home as corona infections are currently on the rise in Japan, and these beds are being provided to those who are badly affected by corona infection.